Why Pray In Tongues?

Below are some videos about the benefits of praying in tongues for extended periods of time. If you want to join others in Singapore in praying in tongues, click here the button below to contact us:

Summary Of Above Video

The video talks about a woman from Ohio who shares her powerful experience of praying in the spirit for three consecutive months. She was instructed by God to isolated herself from the world, lock herself in her house, and dedicate herself to prayer. After three months, when she emerged from her seclusion, she was overwhelmed by the supernatural abilities she gained, including the ability to discern people's personal details, such as their jobs, cars, and even the names of their children. Her prophetic revelations brought people to Christianity, including her boss and his family. 

Summary Of Above Video

The video discusses the profound impact of speaking in tongues, particularly in Christian spiritual practice. It starts by highlighting that consistent prayer in tongues can lead to internal purification and help individuals fulfill their divine call by purging impurities. The practice is presented as a foundation for spiritual gifts, allowing believers to exchange their natural plans for God's through a supernatural medium. The narrative mentions Dave Roberson's book "The Walk of the Spirit – The Walk of Power" and his global ministry, emphasizing the transformative effect of praying in the Holy Spirit. The video also references John G. Lake's healing ministry, which was so effective that Spokane, Washington, was once deemed the healthiest city in America by the U.S. government. Lake attributed the success of his ministry to the practice of speaking in tongues, which he believed facilitated a direct and revelatory communication with God.

The video continues by showcasing several influential Christian figures, such as Smith Wigglesworth, Reinhard Bonnke, David Yonggi Cho, and Kenneth Hagin, who all emphasized the importance of speaking in tongues in their ministries. It is suggested that speaking in tongues can charge one's spirit, lead to the manifestation of other spiritual gifts, and allow for intercession according to God's will. The practice is also linked to spiritual edification, as seen in the ministries of Katheryn Kuhlman and Oral Roberts, who were known for their intense prayer lives and deep connection with the Holy Spirit. The Apostle Paul's teachings on the benefits of speaking in tongues for personal edification and spiritual growth are highlighted. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to utilize the gift of speaking in tongues to deepen their spiritual experiences and align themselves with God's purposes.

Summary Of Above Video

The speaker shares a transformative experience of praying for seven hours daily in tongues for 21 days, noting significant impacts on their spiritual journey. Initially praying for three hours daily, they encountered a word of knowledge and witnessed healing. Upon extending their prayer time to seven hours daily, the speaker found a distinct difference, emphasizing the unique nature of this extended commitment.

The discussion delves into the spiritual benefits of praying in tongues, emphasizing the reception of Rhema words from the Bible through the Holy Spirit. The speaker highlights that praying in the spirit facilitates the Holy Spirit's teaching and revelation, leading to a deeper understanding of scripture. The role of the Holy Spirit in revealing profound aspects of God and imparting spiritual truths is underscored, advocating for growth in the inner man over reliance on intellect.

Additionally, the speaker explores the purging process inherent in praying in tongues, describing it as transformative for personality and healing abilities. This purging process, likened to becoming more Christ-like, is illustrated through a case of improved healing abilities in a woman with a hearing impairment. Overall, the speaker articulates how extended periods of praying in tongues bring about spiritual growth, deeper understanding of scripture, and a transformative purging process with tangible impacts on one's character and healing capabilities.

Summary Of Above Video

The video presents praying in tongues as a game-changer for believers, offering a powerful weapon against life's challenges and a connection to God's hidden plan. Here's the essence:

  • Overcoming challenges and aligning with God's will: Praying in tongues bypasses our limited knowledge, letting the Holy Spirit intercede in ways we can't comprehend. This can lead to automatic, perfect results according to God's plan, potentially even preventing tragedies.
  • Understanding God's mysteries and participating in His intercessory work: Tongues allow access to divine mysteries and align us with God's prayers, opening avenues to protection and intervention.
  • Essential due to our limitations: Our human understanding of spiritual communication is weak, making tongues vital for navigating the unseen realm.
  • Interpreting dreams and protecting loved ones: Tongues and spiritual prayer can provide insights into dreams and guide actions to avert potential harm.
  • The Comforter's role in thwarting evil: The Holy Spirit actively works through tongues to intercede and counter demonic activity.
  • Becoming Christ's full expression: Praying in tongues helps us grow closer to Christ and prepares us for our role as His bride.

The video encourages embracing tongues as a gift from God, not to be criticized. It offers resources and guidance for those seeking to understand and utilize this powerful tool in their own lives.

Summary Of Above Video

This video explores the significance of praying in tongues for strengthening faith and navigating spiritual battles.

Key Points:

  • Verse 20 of Jude highlights the importance of praying in the Holy Spirit to build up faith.
  • Engaging in this practice fosters deeper trust and faith in God, free from fear or doubt.
  • Spiritual warfare: While praying with understanding is valuable, praying in the spirit allows the Holy Spirit to address areas of spiritual conflict that may not be fully grasped.
  • Divine guidance: Praying in the spirit enables the Holy Spirit to lead intercession based on scriptural revelations.
  • Protection and effectiveness: Prayers spoken in the spirit are said to be beyond the enemy's interception, offering greater protection and efficacy.
  • Understanding and revelation: Combining prayer in the spirit with Bible reading fosters deeper understanding of scriptures and opens doors to divine revelation.
  • Practical application: Praying in the spirit empowers one to preach the gospel with ease, handle difficult situations, and bring deliverance to those in need.

Call to action: Integrate praying in the spirit into your prayer life and daily activities to experience its transformative power in building faith and overcoming spiritual challenges.

Summary Of Above Video

In the YouTube video section titled "Praying In Tongues For Long Hours (The Purging Process)," the speaker explores the spiritual benefits of extended periods of praying in tongues, emphasizing the purging process facilitated by the Holy Spirit. This process involves the release of past traumas, sins, and negative experiences, seen as a positive step towards healing and strengthening one's connection with God. The speaker shares a personal journey of dealing with generational sins and curses by acknowledging, repenting, and pleading the blood of Jesus in the "courts of Heaven."

Encouraging listeners to view these experiences as opportunities for purging and healing, the speaker advocates for continued persistence in the spiritual practice of praying in tongues. The video underscores the importance of acknowledging and repenting for past sins, using the metaphorical "courts of Heaven" as a place for seeking spiritual release and growth. The background music accompanies the concluding remarks, where the speaker motivates viewers to stay on the path of spiritual purification, promising to delve into another topic in the subsequent video. Overall, the video encourages a patient and persistent approach to the purging process through extended periods of praying in tongues.

Summary Of Above Video

The Lord surpasses our expectations when we yield to the guidance of the Spirit in prayer. During these moments of communion, the Holy Spirit unveils curses, strongholds, and witchcraft, showcasing the depth of spiritual discernment. The collective power of prayer manifests in miraculous healing and positive effects, extending its impact even to those who are physically absent. This underscores the transformative potential of united prayer, offering deliverance from guilt, shame, and lust through the profound combination of prayer and repentance.

Furthermore, the words received from the Lord serve as confirmations, providing not only strength but also encouragement and hope for the future. In situations as dire as life-or-death scenarios within a jail setting, the incredible power of prayer becomes palpable. Following an intensive 17-hour prayer session, the speaker received nine prophetic dreams, each offering invaluable insights into life and the unfolding future. Ultimately, the practice of praying in the spirit emerges as a potent force, capable of achieving far more than our limited human requests and thoughts, fueled by the divine force within us.

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